Arithmetic Reasoning – Test 3


This subtest has 16 questions and has a time limit of 39 minutes.

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Robert can swim the first 50 meteres of the race in 1 minute. Then he slows down by 12 seconds for each of the next 50 meters of the race. How long will it take Robert to swim a 400 meter race?

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A student has test scores of 68%, 75%, and 79% in a math class. What must this student score on the last exam to earn a B (this means 80% or better) for the course?

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Convert 6 kilograms to grams.

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In the U.S., one in 7 people is left handed. In your neighborhood, there are 74 left-handed students. How many more right-handed students are there than left-handed students in your neighborhood?

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Chris is 3 years older than Jacob. Nathan is eighteen years old. Two years ago the sum of all their ages was 59 years old. How old is Jacob?

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A crepe recipe calls for 2 eggs, 1 cup of flour, and 1 cup of milk. How much flour would you need if you use 5 eggs?

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You need to replace the boards on your deck.  About how much will the materials cost?

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The flash of lightning travels at the speed of light, which is about 186,000 miles per second. The sound of lightning (thunder) travels at the speed of sound, which is about 750 miles per hour. If you see a flash of lightning, then hear the thunder 4 seconds later, how far away is the lightning?

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To obtain the height of the Chrysler Building in NY , you measure the buildings shadow and find that it is 87 feet long. You also measure the shadow of a four foot stake and find that it is 4 inches long. How tall is the Chrysler building?

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Jan earns $6.00 an hour when she works Monday through Friday and $9.00 and hour when she works on Saturday. Last week, her salary was $273.00 for 42 hours of work. How many hours did she work on Saturday?

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A total of 599 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets for student tickets. There were 51 fewer student tickets sold than adult tickets. How many adult tickets were sold?

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Your car can drive 300 miles on a tank of 15 gallons.  How far can it drive on 40 gallons?

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Alicia and Wayne are both collecting coins. Alicia has three times as many coins as Wayne. together they have 712 coins. How many coins does Alicia have and how many coins does Wayne have?

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An article reports “attendance dropped 6% this year, to 300.” What was the attendance before the drop?

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The local amusement park charges $18.95 per person. However, after 5 pm the charge is reduced to $14.40 per person. A group of 6 adults is planning to go to the park. How much would they save if they go after 5 pm?

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A store has clearance items that have been marked down by 60%.  They are having a sale, advertising an additional 30% off clearance items.  What percent of the original price do you end up paying?

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