How does this work?

This page links to the ASVAB practice subtests.

Each of the subtests here are taken separately. After you press the “Start” button, you’ll see a countdown clock showing the time limit you’ll have when taking the actual ASVAB.

If you add your scores for each subtest, you’ll arrive at a theoretical total ASVAB score.

Most important is the AFQT score, which is the sum of your scores from the subtests Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Mathematics Knowledge. The AFQT determines whether you are eligible to enlist — if you score 50 or above, you’re in (except the Air Force, which requires a score of 60).  The highest possible score is 99, and the average is 45 to 50. The remaining subtests determine what job you might qualify for.

Each of the answers here are multiple choice. After entering your answer, you’ll see whether your response was correct or incorrect — and you’ll see a brief explanation of the answer. After your finish a subtest, you’ll again be able to review the correct answers and their explanations.

And if you register for this site, you’ll also receive a review of each subtest via email, and your scores will be archived on this page, which is private to your account.