Arithmetic Reasoning – Test 4


This subtest has 16 questions and has a time limit of 39 minutes.

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A well drilling company charges $15 for drilling the first foot of a well, $15.60 for the second foot, $16.20 for the third foot and so on. How much would it cost to have them drill a 75 foot well?

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A 1000 foot spool of bare 12-gauge copper wire weighs 19.8 pounds.  How much will 18 inches of the wire weigh, in ounces?

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Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America and the fifth highest in the world. when viewed from the valley it appears to be a single waterfall. however it actually has three parts the upper fall has the longest drop of 1430 feet. the middle cascade is 675 feet long and the lower fall drops another 320 feet. What is the total length that the water falls?

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Sue and Fred have a combined age of 42 years. If Sue's age is 1/2 of Fred's, how old is Fred in years?

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You start with $40 in your bank account and deposit $18 each week. At the same time, your friend starts with $220 but withdraws $12 each week. When will your accounts be the same balance?

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Joe wants to invest $4,000 at 6% simple interest rate for 5 years. How much interest will he receive?

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A TV originally priced at $799 is on sale for 30% off.  There is then a 9.2% sales tax.  Find the price after including the discount and sales tax.

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A car is driving at 100 kilometers per hour. How far does it travel in 2 seconds?

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Kate and her friends stand in a circle in such a way that the two neighbors of each child are of the same gender. If there are five boys in the circle, how many girls are there?

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I need to rent a car for my upcoming trip. Rent-A-Gem charges $20.25 per day plus 14 cents per mile. Super Saver Rentals charges $18.25 per day plus 22 cent per mile. At first glance it looks as if I should go with Super Saver Rentals. Still, I'm concerned about the per mile charge because I plan to do a lot of driving during all 3 days of my trip.

How many miles would I have to drive to make the cost of renting a car from Rent-A-Gem the same as the cost of renting a car from Super Saver Rentals?

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A fitness center offers yoga classes for $10 per class and sells yoga mats for $19.95. A person paid a total of $139.95 to the fitness center for yoga classes and a mat. Find the number of yoga classes the person took.

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The U.S. federal debt at the end of 2001 was $5.77 trillion, and grew to $6.20 trillion by the end of 2002.  At the end of 2005 it was $7.91 trillion, and grew to $8.45 trillion by the end of 2006.  Calculate the absolute and relative increase for 2001-2002 and 2005-2006.  Which year saw a larger increase in federal debt?

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Paul drove a distance of 189 miles. Part of the time he averaged 65 miles per hour and for the remaining time, 55 miles per hour. The entire trip took 3 hours. How long did he travel at each rate?

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A high school currently has a 30% dropout rate. They’ve been tasked to decrease that rate by 20%.  Find the equivalent percentage point drop.

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Four 3-megawatt wind turbines can supply enough electricity to power 3000 homes. How many turbines would be required to power 55,000 homes?

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A 52 card pack of playing cards is shuffled and three cards are dealt from the top of the pack. The first two cards are both black. Determine the probability of the third card also being black?

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