Electronics Information – Test 4


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What is the voltage drop across R1?

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The leads of a multimeter are across a diode in the following manner:Red lead connects to the end of diode with marking band, and the black lead connects on other end. What does a reading of –0.6 volts indicate?

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Which of the following is one of the functions performed by a diode?

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What is the total resistance of this circuit?

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A power amplifier has a gain of 20 dB and an input level of 2 volts. Assuming that the input and output impedances are the same, what is the voltage level at the amplifier output?

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There is no voltage measured across R4. Which of the following componentfailures is the most probable cause?

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When measuring DC voltage across a device with a multimeter, the meterindicates 0 volts. What is one possible explanation for this reading?

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What is current?

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What is a British Thermal Unit?

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Which component is used to protect against high-voltage transients?

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All other factors remaining the same, what is the effect of increasing wire gauge, for example, from AWG 22 to AWG 26?

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What is the relationship between current (I) and voltage (E) in a circuit consisting of a capacitor in series with a resistor?

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Ohm's law states:


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A 1-mW signal is attenuated at the rate of 5 dB/1,000ft. What is the power
level into a receiver that is 6,000 feet from the signal source?

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In this circuit, what is the function of the inductor?

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A transmission line is rated at 25 pF/ft. How much capacitance will one mile (5280 ft) of this transmission line have?

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